Ukraine: Russian oligarch guarantees that “90% of Russians are against war”

“Entrepreneurs try to save what is left of their property… Of course, there is an undernormal that draws Z – a symbol of a special military operation – but in every country there is a 10% undernormal. 90% of Russians are against the war, Oleg Tinkov wrote on Instagram.

Tycoon, who lives abroad regularly, added: “I don’t see a single beneficiary of this crazy war. Innocent people and soldiers are dying.”

“The Kremlin authorities are in shock because they are not the only ones, but also their children who cannot go to the Mediterranean this summer,” he said.

Oleg Tinkov also mocked the state of the Russian army during the current “military operation,” asserting that “the generals who woke up to the hangover understood that they had a shitty army.”

The oligarch wondered how the army could be good “if everything in the country is shit,” a country of “nepotism,” “flattery,” and “slavery.”

For all these reasons, Oleg Tinkov called on the West in English to “give Mr. Putin a clear way out to save his face and stop the massacre.”

“Be more sensible and humane,” demanded the founder of Tinkoff Bank, Russia’s second-largest credit card company.

Other Russian oligarchs have criticized Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, but few have been as harsh as Oleg Tinkov, with the exception of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who was imprisoned for 10 years in opposition to Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin and now lives in Europe.

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