Abrantes Mendes dies – Sporting

The former Sporting manager and former presidential candidate was 68 years old

Sérgio Abrantes Mendes, a former manager of Sporting and twice a candidate for president of the Alvalade emblem, died last night in Lisbon as a 68-year-old victim of a long-term illness. Sérgio Abrantes Mendes, who was always in touch with Leonea through the direct influence of his father’s former Lisbon player, coach and manager, was also a footballer, albeit an amateur, following in his father’s footsteps on an academic path to graduation. in law in 1976.

He then spent much of his professional career as a judge in the Évora Court of Appeal.

Deeply connected to Sporting’s active life, Abrantes Mendes began to stand out as chairman of the general meeting under Jorge Gonçalves in the late 1980s and remained an audible and respected voice in the Leonine universe until the end of the year. life.

For a grieving family, record expresses his heartfelt condolences.

According to the record


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