Aldi is investing EUR 60 million in its largest distribution center in Portugal, Comércio

Aldi officially opened its largest distribution center in Portugal and one of the largest distribution centers in the Aldi Nord Group this Wednesday. The new logistics warehouse of the German supermarket chain in Moita is the result of an investment of EUR 60 million.

In a statement sent to news agencies, the grocery retailer says the 57,000-square-foot center “will enable more than 100 stores to be delivered faster and more efficiently” across the country.

“The new structure is designed to support the supply of more than 150 stores nationwide and stems from the natural need to support Ald’s ambitious expansion plan in Portugal, which aims to reach 200 stores by 2025,” the company emphasizes. that it also allows for the “centralization of the entire logistics operation”, which was previously divided into two platforms (Montijo and Quinta do Anj) in one place. The distribution center has 89 loading and unloading platforms, 60 parking spaces for trucks and a storage capacity of 14,000 square meters of cold storage. In addition to investing in the physical structure, Aldi also emphasizes a “strong” commitment to technology, as exemplified by the fact that the new logistics is supported by the latest WMS (Warehouse Management System) used throughout Aldi. Nord group ..

“We have always seen Portugal as an opportunity to grow in Europe and we are very excited to celebrate once again the same achievement at the national level. This distribution center symbolizes our growth and what we plan to achieve in Portugal in the coming years,” said Wolfgang Graff, CEO of Aldi Portugal in the same press release.

In terms of sustainability, the distribution center in particular has “up to 1MW of photovoltaic panels and intelligent lighting control via motion sensors, while various cold rooms have cooling systems that minimize the harmful effects of the ozone layer,” Aldi emphasizes.

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