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The Ministry of Health in Cascavel, West Parana, confirmed the first dengue fever death in the city in the current epidemiological year beginning in August 2021. The data were published in a weekly bulletin on Tuesday (19).

According to the release, a further 378 cases of the disease were diagnosed in the city. To date, Cascavel has added 1,494 cases.

According to the secretary, the cause of death confirmed in the city is an 80-year-old man living in the Claudee district.

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According to the release, about 2,900 people are waiting for the results or the collection of the experiment. There were 2,700 last week.

Dengue epidemic in Cascavel

On April 13, Cascavel City Hall declared a dengue epidemic in the city. The matter was announced at a meeting between the county health departments.

According to the folder, teams have stepped up the fight against the disease in the city, but in many places there have been reports of difficulties in accessing real estate to distribute real estate.

Clair Wagner, director of municipal environmental health control, explains that a number of measures have been developed in the city, such as fighting in the suburbs, the so-called “lightning” and also “shutter”.

“We have intensified our work in recent weeks with a number of measures in the areas most affected. Continue with the planned routine activities. For example, we have a beam designed to identify places where a person who passed a disease-positive test passed. Work, home, etc. After identifying these locations, we limited the radius and streamlined operations on site. […] In the so-called blockade, we go to people’s homes and workplaces and spread insecticide, ”Wagner explains.

However, the director said that the activities of health centers are not enough without the involvement of the population in the fight against mosquitoes.

Dengue-related terminations can be made at 156, anonymously and also via Fale Conosco on the City Hall website.

Citizens can get instructions for the disease by calling (45) 3902-1769.

Confirmed cases in recent weeks

April 19 – 1,494 confirmed cases in the city

April 13 – 1,116 confirmed cases in the city (declared epidemic)

April 6 – 758 confirmed cases in the city

March 30 – 639 confirmed cases in the city

March 24 – 468 confirmed cases in the city

March 17 – 236 confirmed cases in the city

March 10 – 147 confirmed cases in the city

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