Cristina Ferreira “breaks into” Big Brother’s house and promises news: “It’s a secret …”

Cristina Ferreira has been in Brazil since Monday, where she went on a business trip with her friend Catarina Duarte. Yesterday, the presenter performed in Rio de Janeiro and lifted the “curtain tip” of a visit to Globo’s studios.

But it wasn’t just that, because Cristina Ferreira also performed in the studios at Big Brother Brazil’s house: ”We’re dressed like this because we’re going to break into Big Brother’s house and we all have to go dark. You can’t see anything because they can see our presence“.

Following this revelation, TVI’s director of entertainment and fiction promised to reveal the reason for the visit, which could well include the creation of a joint edition of Big Brother between Portugal and Brazil: “From now on, I can only post tomorrow. It’s a secret“, wrote.


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