Diogo Piçarra is dedicated to his girlfriend: “Life without you no longer makes sense”

It was done with a simple but cordial dedicated photo gallery Diogo Piçarra decided to pamper his girlfriend, gold Jordan, on your birthday. The makeup artist is celebrating her second year of life this Thursday, April 21st, and the singer couldn’t help but present her a loving release.

Through Instagram, in addition to Mel Jordão, the musician shared pictures of the makeup artist with his thousands of followers. The pictures are reminiscent of the stage where the musician’s girlfriend was pregnant and other moments of help between the two or with their daughter Penelope.

Good afternoon my dear. Life without you no longer makes sense. There are 36 years of life, almost 8 of whom lived together, and I can’t imagine myself without you, and not without our little girl“, Diogo Piçarra wrote on his Instagram page.

Remember that Diogo Piçarra and Mel Jordão are the parents of two-year-old Penelope.

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