DuckDuckGo also blocks AMP pages from Google

Looks like the timing isn’t good AMP (Accelerated mobile pages), framework / Google which makes the website simpler (presumably) to store data and requires less hardware processing. We talked yesterday about Brave’s announcement of a feature that is blocking it frameworkand the browser is not the only one: DuckDuckGo follows the same path.

The privacy-focused company recently announced on Twitter that its browsers (macOS, iOS, and Android) and extensions (for Firefox and Chrome) are already set to block AMP versions of the pages. That is, even if the website had framework enabled, DuckDuckGo will “trick” your download and display the original version of the page.

NEW: Our apps and extensions now protect users from crawling Google AMP pages. When you load an AMP page in any DuckDuckGo app (iOS / Android / Mac) or plug-in (Firefox / Chrome), the original version of the page is displayed instead of the AMP version.

AMP technology is bad for users because it allows Google to apply more tracking devices to users (and there are already many). In addition, AMP will further strengthen its monopoly and force technology to take precedence over publications by prioritizing AMP links in search and favoring Google’s own ads on AMP pages.

DuckDuckGon’s argument goes the same way as Brave developers: Google’s excuse for AMP (less data and processing) would only be a veil for technology that allows the Mountain View giant to track users more closely and prioritize pages with framework activated.

In response to recent allegations, Google claimed the allegations were false. in a statement sent to The Vergecompany spokeswoman Lara Levin said:

The allegations against AMP are misleading and repeat a series of false allegations. AMP is a framework Open source software, developed in collaboration with publications, technology companies, and Google, is a way to load web content faster, making it easier for publications and websites to create better online experiences.

In any case, the change is already in effect on DuckDuckGo services. Did you find a good one?

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