English: Police called Maguire home after a bomb threat

A Harry Maguire spokesman confirmed on Thursday that police had been called to the home of a Manchester United defender due to a bomb threat.

“In the last 24 hours, Harry has received a serious threat to his family’s home. He reported the matter to the police, who are now investigating the matter. The safety of his family and those around him is, of course, his number one priority.” Sky News.

After a 4-0 match on Anfield Road on Tuesday red devils will return to play for Arsenal on Saturday. “He will continue to prepare for this weekend’s game normally, and we will not comment on the details at this point,” said a spokesman for the Manchester United captain.

It should be noted that Cheshire police had also previously announced that they had been summoned to the case following reports of a bomb threat in the Wilmslow area.

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