Jair Bolsonaro defends the arming of Brazil’s “good citizens.”

“Brazil is a Christian country, we oppose abortion, we oppose gender ideology, we defend the family, we defend private property, we want firearms for good citizens,” Bolsonaro said in a speech in the state of Goiás. Uol Notícias portal.

“You all, ladies and gentlemen, know that the weapon, especially in distant places, is a guarantee of your life and of all of us here. Do not forget that armed people are never enslaved,” the Brazilian leader continued.

Bolsonaro has defended the strengthening of civilian armaments on several occasions since taking office on 1 January 2019.

This defensive speech is a day after the Brazilian press condemned the use of funds for cultural support (including money dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence) to fund arms-promoting content by former National Secretary for Cultural Promotion and Incentives, André Porciúncula. .

From the video to which the Agência Pública portal had access, it is possible to see that on March 28, at the National Pro-Arms Convention, the official proposes that “films be produced on weapons, the importance of weapons to civilization, weapons to guarantee human freedom.”

André Porciúncula also pointed out that due to the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s independence, the country has set aside 1.2 billion real (€ 240 million) this year for cultural content that can be used in documentaries, films and other social forms. networks.

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