José Fidalgo commented on nose surgery

José Fidalgo first approached the nose surgery, changing its aesthetics. After the images were revealed on social networks, the actor commented on the matter in the national press.

I really had to undergo nose surgery because of chronic respiratory problems. Since part of the problem was in the physiology of my nose, I had to fix it. Although I understand the different views on this intervention, I would like to tell you that I feel healthy.“, he began by underlining.

at InstagramFidalgo commented that he was present at the premiere of António Pedro Vasconcelos ’film KM244, in which he co-stars with Ana Varela because of“ professional duty ”because he was not involved in the promotion of the film.

The actress is “in the post-operative process because it’s an operation that requires her recovery time.” “That’s why I’m going back to my closure.” [confinamento]until it is fully restored.., ”He pointed out.

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