Lives in “La La Land”. Harry’s statement about Queen Elizabeth II makes the country furious and even the prime minister reacts – the world

Prince Harry informed the American press that his The meeting with Queen Elizabeth II was to make sure that the ruler “is protected and has the right people on her side.”. The words are controversial, and experts at the British Royal House are now saying The Duke of Sussex lives in “La La Land.”

“One may wonder if he is so astray in his own ‘La La Mundo’ that he does not understand the effect and interpretation of the words,” Vanity Fair reporter Katie Nicholl commented on “Breakfast with Eamonn and Isabel.”

“I feel like this is even more personal,” than an interview with Oprah Winfrey last year. “The people who surround and protect the Queen at the moment are William and Charles. That’s a direct critique of Harry“said Katie Nicholl.

Reporter Robert Jobson wrote on Twitter that “Prince Charles, his brother, and William are doing just that: supporting the Queen with deeds, not just words.”

Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty magazine, also reacted to Harry’s words. “She’s great at talking about Invictus Games, but she looks distracted in more personal matters. I find it very strange when she says she wants to make sure the queen is protected and that she has the right people around her. I mean … what does she know about it? She’s not “It’s too weird.”

The matter has already arrived in Parliament. According to the Daily Mail A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said she was confident the queen was protected despite Harry’s remarks..

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex were together in the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana.

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