Luís Represas was diagnosed with endocarditis: “May it not happen in anyone’s life”

Vocalist Luís Dams revealed that he had been diagnosed with endocarditis, an inflammation of the lining of the heart, a rare disease that can cause multiple injuries. Despite the fear, the artist, who was hospitalizedat the beginning of the year, seems to be recovering well.

In a magazine interview new people, Luís Represas said the disease was diagnosed in January, leading to hospitalization. The singer was always optimistic about the illness and says that thanks to the help and company of her family, she managed to overcome the problem.

My heart is never lonely. I have four lovely children and I feel very in company and full of good things.“, he began by saying, for the same release.”Also, I have honest and true friends. Over time, we pay more attention to quality than quantity.“.

Now that he is in the recovery phase, the musician admits: “I’m doing fine. This was an annoying and complicated incident. I hope it doesn’t happen in anyone’s life, I don’t wish it happens to anyonebut it is the same as the flu“.

Luís Represas has conducted several physiotherapy and cardiorespiratory recovery sessions with technicians and physicians. The singer assumes that he is already earning a living “more normal“, and will soon be preparing to return to the stage.

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