Microsoft launches Purview to consider more comprehensive data management in hybrid environments

Microsoft’s latest tool integrates the data management capabilities of Azure Purview (released last year) with the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance portfolio.

The last two years have brought new challenges to the way we work. Technology has adapted to people’s real-time communication needs, and as a result, organizations need a more collaborative and comprehensive view of information. Based on this need, Microsoft has just launched Microsoft Purviewan integrated information management solution to manage and protect organizations ’information resources and meet the challenges of workplace decentralization.

This Microsoft tool provides a combination of features Manage Azure Purview data (released last year) with the Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance portfoliowhich provides identity and access management features, threat protection, cloudmanagement endpoints and privacy management with a comprehensive security approach.

“Over the last two years, the way we work has changed dramatically. In the scenario of adapting to the hybrid work model, organizations are challenged to train their employees with new technological experiences. Based on this need, we launched Microsoft Purview, a tool that makes it easier for organizations to manage and secure data in the cloud, applications, and endpoints, ”says Joana Pinto Santos, Vice President, Azure, Portugal.

Security in environments multi-cloud/ cross-platform

To confirm the functionality of Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is also available endpoints Mac operating system. Organizations can then extend their DLP data and management to MacOS devices.

In order for confidential information to be securely shared, it must be identified. As such, Microsoft has expanded the list of sensitive data types more 50 new classifications, Available for DLP, Data Security and Management, Internal Risk Management, Record Management, eDiscovery and Microsoft Privacy.

When remote users regularly access files from multiple locations, devices, and applications, Simultaneous viewing of encrypted documents on mobile devices (iOS and Android) allows multiple users to work simultaneously with Microsoft 365 applications and documents using AutoSave, ensuring better collaboration and real-time productivity.

Microsoft also announced a simplification of settings for storing, deleting, and securing documents public preview of Microsoft Purview Data Lifecycle Management (formerly Microsoft Information Governance).

Protect your business and employees in a hybrid work environment

Over the past two pandemic years, many organizations have adapted to workforce changes through telecommuting. Microsoft has improved its identification and investigation capabilities to provide information to security teams about data security Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Managementincluding extended coverage with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps.

But sensitive information is not limited to transactions. According to the Microsoft Work Trend Index 2022 annual report, employees are increasingly communicating through a variety of digital channels. In light of this, Microsoft is announcing new features in Microsoft Purview eDiscovery Premium that will improve data recognition in Microsoft Teams and help manage retention requirements.

Microsoft Purview Communication Compliance expects organizations to maintain a positive work culture and a strong commitment to user privacy. It helps detect violations of the Code of Conduct (harassment, linguistic threats, or the sharing of confidential information and content). The latest features include optical character recognition, machine learningshortening the time of detection research and guidance induction.

Microsoft also announced that it will launch an ongoing evaluation compliance With more than 30 solution recommendations, Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager helps organizations save time and effort managing and processing data.

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