Saúde de Palmas encourages a meeting of Chikungunya control strategies

Aware of the increase in cases of Chikungunya in Palmas, the Municipal Ministry of Health (Semus), through the Emergency and Health Supervision Authority, held its 20th meeting on Wednesday to agree on strategies to combat the infectious disease. Aedes aegyptia vector mosquito that also transmits dengue fever and zika fever.

In addition to the leaders and coordinators of the Semus Technical Area, agents specializing in the control of endemic diseases and community health factors from the most endemic areas of the disease were involved. According to the Ministry of Health, the combination of these two areas is necessary to meet the real health needs of the population. “Through this joint work, we can influence the population to train to control and eliminate mosquito outbreaks,” says Marêssa Castro, director of health care at Semus.

Photo: Raiza Milhomem

Marêssa adds that in addition to the continued support of health care providers and endemic disease control agents, Semus also relies on the work of the Health Inspectorate in Trade Inspection, the Metropolitan Guard of Palmas (GMP) and the Municipal Infrastructure and Public Services for mandatory admissions and fines.

During the meeting, with a view to promoting integrated communication between health and endemic factors, the technical team presented an epidemiological scenario of the cards most affected by chikungunya and reported on the homes with the most epidemics and / or the need to inspect the factors. .

Among the measures already taken to combat the disease, Semus teams have promoted technical visits to family health units (USFs), the promotion of health education activities with residents of the neighborhood, and vector control through weekly analysis. mosquito-borne diseases.

Another strategy implemented by Semus is weekly meetings to plan measures and strategies, and to promote the training of health care professionals to ensure an agile service to combat and prevent these diseases.

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