Sell ​​us up to 350 sites from your mobile network to Cellnex for 155 million – Telecommunications

Well signed an agreement with the Spanish company Cellnex “for up to 350 mobile sites (towers and roof) “for about € 155 million,” said Miguel Almeida ‘s operator in a statement sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CMVM) on Thursday.

According to the company, the agreement stipulates that Nos will continue to “use the sites to install its active network infrastructure” and “this sale is part of a long-term partnership established in 2020” when Nos sold the entire Nos Towering for up to € 550 million. Well has already received 375 million in September 2020.

“The expected after-tax impact of the sale of Nos Towering and the recently announced transaction on Nos’ pro forma cash flow from 2026 onwards is approximately EUR 25 million,” says the operator. “This acquisition contributes to strengthening Nos’ strategy and strengthening investment in the development of our mobile network and 5G technology. Nos is committed to leading the next generation of mobile and digital transformation in Portugal, which will be critical to increasing competitiveness and the information society,” said Miguel Almeida, CEO of Nos.

The company notes that this agreement “also includes additional mobile sites that will be deployed by 2026, ensuring Nos’ current and future needs for passive mobile infrastructure.”

The implementation of the above agreement will continue to depend on the “green light” of the FCA.

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