The Portuguese, suspected of involvement in the Beirut blast, is awaiting an extradition decision in Madrid

Spanish law has temporarily released an Interpol wanted Portuguese citizen accused of terrorism in Lebanon for allegedly importing explosives used in the 2020 attack in Beirut, which caused more than 200 deaths.

An official source from the Audiencia Nacional, a Spanish special court dealing with extradition cases, told the Lusa news agency that the accused was released while awaiting trial in accordance with the precautionary measures requested by the public prosecutor: a ban on leaving Spain. , passport delivery and the obligation to be in court on a weekly basis.

According to the same source, the process of extradition abroad is now beginning, which must be approved by the Spanish government in the final stages.

The Chilean authorities originally spotted the defendant, Jorge Manuel Mirra Net, 43, at Santiago de Chile airport when he landed on a flight from Madrid.

International police at Santiago de Chile airport confirmed that the suspect had an “red alert” from Interpol asking all police forces in the world to arrest him and sent him back to Spain.

The Portuguese national was arrested on arrival at Barajas International Airport in Madrid and presented to the national public, where a judge decided on his temporary release at the request of the public administration.

The Lebanese authorities requested the arrest and extradition of this Portuguese national for a terrorist offense and possession of explosives, which could result in a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and held him responsible for “spreading explosives to Lebanon” .

Almost two years after the Beirut disaster, the investigation into the incident is still open and little progress has been made, as several human rights organizations consider the deliberate blocking by suspects who were previously in high positions.

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