Why Kushida left WWE

Earlier this week, it was announced that Kushida had left WWE after his contract with the company expired. The Japanese fighter did not want to renew it and should return to the NJPW as early as next June.

However, Joe Lanza podcast Flagship Wrestling revealed the reasons that led Kushida to leave WWE and pointed out that the biggest problem was reservation which the fighter has had recently.

The former NXT Cruiserweight champion is said to have been in contact with several NJPW fighters since leaving the company in 2019, and that he has repeatedly shown great dissatisfaction with the company. reservation of his character in NXT 2.0, and it was even said that an experienced fighter did not like to ally with Ikemen Jiro.

The decision to leave was made due to all the changes in the NXT and the fighter known to the team reservation did not support him, and since Kushida has not left the NJPW badly, his return is a matter of time before it happens.

It has also been pointed out that the Japanese wrestler never dreamed of signing for WWE, he just wanted to experience North American wrestling while he was still at his physical peak.

Did you expect a better career at WWE at Kushida?

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