2021 breaks the zero-day vulnerability detection record

In 2021, 58 zero-day vulnerabilities were detected on devices like Microsoft, Apple, and Google — more than double the 25 in 2020. The data comes from a virtual security report from the Google Project Zero team. specializes in identifying these defects.

However, the significant increase is not due to the exploitation of these vulnerabilities by malicious agents, but to companies that make solutions, which often inform the public about the vulnerabilities they find in detailed reports.

In addition, a report by Google’s team of experts also states that there may be more than 58 zero-day vulnerabilities detected in 2021, but many have not disclosed the data – even as companies improve their communication process.

Only two zero-day vulnerabilities from 2021 were completely new

Zero-day vulnerabilities have been identified in Apple devices over the past six years. (Image: Reproduction / Project Zero)

The Google Project Zero report also shows that of the 58 bugs found, only two were completely new, but still worrying enough for experts.

One of the two was the first publicly known zero-day vulnerability in macOS that uses advanced code to install backdoors on an Apple computer. the other is exploit ForcedEntry from an iPhone used to install the Israeli NSO Group spy app Pegasus on a smartphone.

Other vulnerabilities identified were still variations of vulnerabilities that had already been reported at other times but had not yet been fixed – such as errors involving device memory corruption that is not a priority for companies responsible for systems due to high potential fixes.

Source: Project Zero

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