An elderly man dies while buying bread in Kharkov, and his daughter finds him

sThese are shocking scenes captured by Reuters photographer Alkis Konstantinidis in Kharkov, Ukraine. Victor Gubarev left the house to buy bread when he was hit by pieces of an explosion that reached the apartment building where he lived.

Paramedics were present Monday to retrieve the man’s body when the daughter arrived and found her father dead.

Yana Bachek is an English teacher preparing for an online lesson in the kitchen of her house, which is next to her parents ’residence, when she learned of the bombings. The woman received a call from her mother in tears when she noticed that her father had left to buy bread and had not returned home.

Yana went to look for him and finally found the body. The woman had to get help from a paramedic who removed her from the scene to transport the body.

Kharkiv has been one of the cities hardest hit by the war that began on February 24, with dozens of soldiers killed. Remember that Volodymyr Zelensky even stated that cities such as “Vassylkiv, Cherniguiv, Sumi, Kharkiv and many others live in conditions we have not seen (…) since World War II”.

Notícias ao Minuto decided to share some pictures from the moment recorded above, but we remind you that they can damage the sensitivity of the most sensitive readers.

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