Android 14 already has the official dessert name! Guess what?

Google has released the official code name for Android 14. However, the 2023 release has been internally named “Upside Down Cake.” Or Portuguese Inverted Cake.

Android 14 already has the official dessert name! Guess what?

Every year, Google gives the latest Android release a curious name that is always associated with dessert. You usually arrange this name in alphabetical order. A few years ago, these were also the official names for each version of Android. I remember very well Android KitKat and Android Oreon.


As 9to5Google says, things got a little more confusing, as you might expect, with Android Q, a letter for which it’s not easy to come up with a dessert name. Google ended up remembering Queen’s Cake that year. But then we always started to know the new versions of Android based on the numbers.

Android 14 name

Internally, however, Google has continued to choose dessert names for each release during version development.

Android 12, for example, was known as “Snow Cone.” Android 13, on the other hand, is “Tiramisu.”

A new code change released in the Android Open Source Project revealed that Google’s internal code name for Android 14 – which would have been “Android U” – is officially “Upside Down Cake”. In the code, this is reflected as one word “UpsideDownCake”.

If you’ve never eaten or seen one, Upside Down Cake is a cake with decorations at the bottom of the pan. Then the cake batter is put on top. When done, it will return to its normal position. In the meantime, the decorations are on again. Usually a pineapple or banana cake is a good example of this.

Given that there aren’t many desserts that start with the letter U, it’s no big surprise that Google chose Upside Down Cake as the code name for Android 14. However, it is nice to see confirmation. This at least indicates that a new version of the operating system is already running.

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