BALL – “It’s time to take the final shot and make it happen” (FC Porto)

Porto midfielder Vitinha was one of the voices of contentment and blue-and-white ambition after winning Sporting in the Portuguese Cup semi-final match against Jamori.

“We have studied the sport well, we have encountered them several times already, but we deepened that knowledge even further. They had to score a goal, but we watched the game as if it were 0-0. We came to win and got a fair win,” declared FC midfielder FC Porto.

As for the future of the dragons, close to the championship and the chance to double, Vitinha praised the team’s ambition: “Now we have to take the final blow and deliver it. We are eager and eager to get the Titles we worked for during the season with great sacrifice.

Regarding Pepe’s inclusion at the last minute, the midfielder commented: “It’s hard when we feel unfair and feel it until the time we play, because we feel we’ve been taken out of the opportunity to play with our captain.

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