Check out the new facilities in Halo Infinite Season 2

343 Industries shows Lone Wolves news.

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A new season for multiplayer Halo Infinite. It’s the second season, but the first major update since the game’s release. it is called Lonely wolves and, as we saw last week, it brings new content, including two new maps.

But the news doesn’t end there. THE 343 industries revealed new ways to play, and there are three new modes in the game. The production team describes the news in more detail in the Halo Waypoint portal, but basically we have a return, a familiar game mode and another battle Royales phenomenon inspired.

King of the Hill returns to Halo, a classic game mode where players control an area on a map. The team that dominates the area for the longest time (and thus gets the most points) wins the battle. This zone appears randomly on the maps, making each match unique.

In land grabbing, there is not one but three neutral zones at the beginning of each game. When all three are closed, there is a short break for a new round. The first team to get a total of 11 zones wins.

In the end we have The last Spartan standsa new Big Team Battle map experience that is effectively a battle Royale lite, although they do not mention it. 12 players on the field with limited workload and life. The goal is to eliminate opponents when the map closes. As each enemy dies, players ’downloads evolve, rewarding them for their actions and giving them an advantage.

These innovations will be integrated with other existing maps and will also be associated with the new combat passport with new cosmetic elements.

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves will be available to all players for free on May 3rd.

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