Cheeky, Bernardo Sousa exchanges “naughty” message with Bruna Gomes during the party: “About God’s love”

As the Big Brother Famosos finals approach, the finalists will enjoy the final party of this edition on Wednesday night, and a block of images released yesterday at Diário showed a fun moment between the couple’s Bruna Gomes and Bernardo Sousa.

During the party, the pilot used a cell phone held by his girlfriend to exchange a romantic (and a little naughty) message: “For God’s sake“, the influencer reacts between laughter.

wrote me a message“, revealed in recognition of Bruna Gomes, who, in the face of Big Brother, had to give up her cell phone because she broke the rules of the program.

I opened the search and put “I want to get you”“, informed the colleague about the competitor, and Marco Costa immediately shot:”He has already said that Sunday will be a boom“.

Watch the video here.

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