Childhood vaccinations against flu and measles expected this Monday – GAZ – Notícias de Santa Cruz do Sul and Region

The National Board of Health (SES) has decided to bring forward the start of influenza and measles vaccination in children aged 6 months and under next Monday next day 25. The next Saturday, April 30, will be D-day, when the dose distribution stations will be exceptionally opened. This group would not start the strategy until May 3, but the start was brought forward due to an increase in demand for first aid for children in the health network due to respiratory diseases.

The audience for this age group in Rio Grande do Sul is estimated to be 620 thousand children. The goal is to vaccinate 90% of this amount. Vaccinations are open to groups of the elderly and healthcare workers who were vaccinated on 4.4. To date, 546,000 people aged 60 and over have been vaccinated, representing 26 percent of the target population. The same number has been reached among healthcare workers, as 95,000 people have already been vaccinated.

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Other Priority Groups will start on 3 May, such as pregnant women, women who have given birth, comorbidities, people with permanent disabilities, etc. In total, more than 4.9 million people belong to the eligible groups.

dosing schedule

If your child is going to get the flu vaccine for the first time, two doses are needed, with a 30-day break between them. If she has already received the flu vaccine in her second year, the schedule is a single dose, as in other age groups. Vaccination against influenza and measles (triple viral vaccine) can be given at the same time.


Measles vaccination is already part of routine dosing, ie it is available in health centers throughout the year, even outside the campaign period, with the aim of increasing the vaccination coverage of the population and thus preventing epidemics. Measles is an acute, contagious and highly contagious infectious disease that can lead to complications and death, especially in children under one year of age. The vaccine controls outbreaks and reduces exacerbations.

MMR is an attenuated vaccine that contains live “attenuated” measles, rubella, and mumps viruses. It is a vaccine routinely given in childhood in two doses: the first, taken at one year of age, and the second, at 15 months of age. Both in the triple form of the virus.


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