Cuiab Town Hall The low demand for the influenza vaccine is a concern for the health secretariat

The first phase of a national flu vaccination campaign began in the capital, Mato Grosso, on April 11, with the goal of immunizing about 97,600 people. At this stage, only health care workers and those over 60 are considered.

With the exception of the five coronavirus vaccination units for children, all other municipal primary health care units carry out vaccines against influenza A (H1N1), influenza B and influenza. A (H3N2). “Although vaccination against influenza is easy in almost all primary health care units, we still have low infectivity in the population, as so far only just over 4,000 people have been vaccinated,” commented Wellington Assunção Ferreira, coordinator of strategic programs at the municipal health agency.

The main cause for concern is the elderly population, which is generally more susceptible to the virus. “We implement the campaign every year with satisfactory results. We had a very obvious demand for this vaccine last year because during the pandemic, many people also decided to protect themselves from the flu virus. In December 2021, we had an increased incidence of influenza with a different strain than that protected by the vaccine, and this led to a high demand for medical care. This vaccine we are using is different from last year, so it is very important that everyone applies to the health services to get their dose, ”the coordinator said.

This first phase of vaccination for health care workers and those over 60 will last until April 30th. The second phase will begin on May 2 and will involve children 6 months of age and under 5 years of age, pregnant women, mothers, teachers, people with permanent disabilities and people with chronic non-communicable diseases such as chronic respiratory disease, chronic kidney disease. , chronic liver disease. , chronic neurological disease, in addition to diabetics, obese, immunosuppressed, transplant patients and patients with trisomy. This phase also includes truck drivers, urban and long-distance road haulage workers, port workers, security and rescue force professionals, the armed forces and prison system workers.

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