Fuel prices will rise again next week

According to SIC, next week will bring a new rise in fuel prices, most notably a liter of diesel.

Next week, diesel should rise five cents a liter. Gasoline is expected to rise 2.5 cents per liter.

This morning, the price of crude oil was falling slightly to $ 106 per barrel.

This forecast for the last week of April follows this week’s trend and is at odds with the start of the month, when prices fell for two weeks.

The government’s proposal to reduce prices was approved

On Friday, Parliament approved a government proposal containing measures to curb rising energy and agri-food prices, including the suspension of a minimum tax on petroleum products (ISP).

The proposal was The votes in favor of Chega, PCP and PAN abstained from the sole alternate of PS, PSD, IL, BE and Livre.

Among other measures The government’s initiative provides for the suspension of the minimum prices for ISP for diesel and unleaded petrol and stipulates that this can be set “up to zero euros”..

The aim is to reflect in this tax a similar effect as the reduction in VAT on fuel to 13%.

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