Fuels will rise for the 14th time this year … It will be up to 3 euros more expensive to fill the deposit next week

Bad news is coming for Portuguese drivers. Fuel prices will rise again next week: “The development of euro quotations points to an increase in the price of 2.5 cents per liter for petrol and 3.5 cents per liter for diesel,” a source from one of the major national oil companies told Multinews.

Similarly, the prices of gas stations next to hypermarkets follow market developments. “This week’s trend is a € 0.0162 increase in petrol and a € 0.0353 increase in diesel,” said another source.

Since the beginning of the year, fuel prices have risen 13 times and fallen only three times, DGEG says. During this time, the price of diesel rose 38 cents per liter and that of gasoline 29 cents more. This means that filling a 60-liter diesel tank costs 23 euros more than sixteen weeks ago. Filling up the petrol tank will cost 18 euros more than in the first week of January.

Next week, and taking into account the values ​​reported by the oil companies, the decline in the certificate for a 60-liter petrol and diesel tank will increase by another 1.5 and 3 euros.

Data from the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) show that the average price per liter for simple diesel in Portugal is currently € 1.888 per liter, while the price for plain petrol 95 is € 1.959. According to the latest European Commission fuel bulletin, Portugal is the seventh most expensive petrol in the 27 countries of the European Union, 12 cents higher than the European average and 36 cents more expensive than Spain. Diesel is ranked 8th in Europe.

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