new charges against Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation in a lawsuit that is becoming hypermedia, not least because it has been broadcast live on various channels and social media. The actress is seeking compensation for $ 50 million (equivalent to $ 46 million) for an opinion piece signed by Heard in The Washington Post in 2018.

In this text, the actress and model recount their alleged experiences as victims of domestic violence. Although the actor’s lawyers never mentioned Depp’s name, it is quite clear that the allegations concern his ex-husband and that it has affected his reputation and career.

Prior to the article, Amber Heard had already publicly accused Johnny Depp of beating and strangling him during violent and unstable episodes. After witnessing on Wednesday, the actor returned to testify on Thursday, April 21st. NiT will summarize the session for several hours on a few key topics.

Messages written in blood

In 2015, Johnny Depp lost his fingertips while in Australia with Heard. The actress claims her ex-wife threw her a bottle of vodka, but Amber Heard denies this version. “I also heard he had destroyed his fingers on the phone,” Debbie Loyd, one of the nurses who helped Depp fight her opioid addiction, said in court.

In a testimony on Thursday, the actor claims to have dipped his injured finger in the paint and written several messages about Amber Heard on the wall and mirrors of the house where they were. “After writing on the walls, the blood dried. So I put my finger in the paint can to write my oral messages on the wall,” he says.

Following this recognition, photos were shown of the posts written by Depp. “Billy Bob and Easy Amber in the lead roles” – a reference to “London Fields” starring Heard and Billy Bob Thornton – was one of the lines written on the wall. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean already wrote in the lamp, “Good luck on your journey and watch out when you’re on top.” In court, the actor explains that it was just “good advice.”

“Burning Amber”

One of the most shocking moments of Thursday’s trial comes when Johnny Depp’s messages to another actor, Paul Bettany, are presented. “Let’s burn Amber !!!” says one of them. When the messages were sent in June 2013, the couple was still together.

However, this was not the only message sent to Bettany. “Let’s drown him before we burn him !!! Then I’m going to have sex with his burnt body to make sure he’s still dead.”

To avoid any ambiguity as to the veracity of the messages, the prosecutor’s attorneys asked Johnny Depp if he had written them. “Yes, I was,” he replied.

Table with whiskey, cocaine and tobacco

There has been a lot of talk about the actor’s drug and alcohol problem in recent years. A photo taken in 2013 in which Johnny Depp admitted he had “derailed” shows a table with four rows of cocaine, whiskey and tobacco. This image has now been released during the trial.

When asked if he drank alcohol in the morning, Depp laughed and simply asked, “Isn’t happy hour any time of the day?”

The defense also interrogated the actor in a metal box that reads “Property of JD.” Despite the fact that he had already admitted that the box was used to transport cocaine, the actor decided to return and stated that he did not use it for this “even if it seemed appropriate”.


Sometimes Johnny Depp showed remorse for the deterioration of his relationship with Amber Heard. During the flight from Boston to Los Angeles, the actor contacted his friend Paul Bettany again, where he admitted the crazy nights he had had that week.

“I drank all night before I picked up Amber to fly to LA. It was ugly, friend. I didn’t eat anything for days, a lot of powder, half a bottle of whiskey, a thousand Red Bulls and vodka, pills, two bottles of champagne in the plane.

The 58-year-old actress also admitted to stopping drinking. “I’m full. And I have to be pretty fucked to get my anger off at the person I love. I’m too old to be that guy.” Depp revealed in court that he thought the actress and ex-wife had a relationship with actress James Franco at the time.

When he landed, he sent a text message to his ex-wife. “Once again, I find myself full of shame and remorse. I’m sorry, of course. I don’t know what happened or why. But I’ll never do it again. I want to heal you. And me. I have to.”

Amber Heard’s video was recorded by Johnny Depp’s “From the Shit”

Heard and Depp’s latest court session was marked by an exhibition of a video recorded by the actor’s ex-wife, where it is possible to see Depp knocking on closets, throwing objects and filling glass in the middle of it all. with wine arguing with Heard.

Amber Heard secretly recorded a dispute that took place in the kitchen of her West Hollywood home in Los Angeles. At the same time, it’s possible to hear the actor shout, “You’re breaking shit”.

However, Depp defended himself against the allegations: “I attacked a few closets, but I didn’t touch Mrs. Heard.” He added, “I wasn’t trying to scare Mrs. Heard. If she was scared, why did she record? If she was afraid to die, why didn’t she leave?

According to the New York Post, Amber Heard kept her eyes down as the video was shown in court.

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