Paraná Ministry of Health declares dengue epidemic in the state | National Journal

The Ministry of Health of Paraná declared a dengue epidemic in the state.

A young man full of plans. Daniel Quessada, a 20-year-old law student, died for hours in hospital in dengue fever.

“It was a horror movie because it only got worse. He had to have a blood transfusion that was very serious and had to take him. We are grounded,” says Daniel’s father Rogério Quesada.

Throughout Paraná, cases of dengue fever have skyrocketed. During the week, 6,000 new confirmations were received, which is 39% more than in the previous week. The U.S. State Department of Health says the figures exceed seasonal expectations and declared an epidemic.

“Follow-up actions and field teams have now been tracked for a few weeks now. This seasonal nature of dengue at this time of year is completely atypical, ”says César Neves, Minister of Health of Paraná.

More than 22,000 people were diagnosed with the disease in Paraná this year. The probable number of dengue cases in the country increased by 95 percent compared to the same period in 2021. There are nearly 400,000 records and 112 deaths this year.

To combat the mosquito that spreads the disease, agents stepped up their work by searching the backyards and spreading smoke, a poison that flies into the air, in the places where the outbreaks occurred most.

“The key is to kill the mosquito, and we’ll make it,” says daily employee Mari Dias.

“Oh, it’s scary, isn’t it? Because it’s strong, isn’t it? It has a lot of things to do,” says retired Luzia de Lima.

Gisele died days after receiving dengue fever. The death certificate mentions encephalic bleeding and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Her husband is complaining.

“Dengue fever is something we can prevent. We hear so many times, so many campaigns, but it doesn’t help if we take care of my own home and not our neighbor’s house. So here’s this warning to everyone that they don’t feel the same pain we feel now,” says Giselen’s husband Marcos Geandré Hamiro.

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