Pinto da Costa exclusively for SIC: “If you want to cry, you have to go to a memoir”

Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa, President of FC Porto, believes that this season the club deserves the championship and the Portuguese Cup.

– This is what we want, this is what we are fighting for and I think we deserve this. This game was a lesson in what intelligence is in football, what rigor and enthusiasm are in football, and I think our victory is undeniable, ”he says.

For SIC Notícias alone, the editor says FC Porto “never gives up”: “Whatever happens, amazing, we fight for victory”.
Consider playing with Sporting:

“It was an arbitration without cases. If you want to cry, you have to go to the memoir. Relationships with Sporting? They’re good, excellent. Balconies? No, I don’t know,” he says.

According to the decision of the Porto District Court, Frederico Varandas, President of Sporting, will be prosecuted for defamation of Pinto da Costa, President of FC Porto.

In October 2020, Frederico Varandas called Pinto da Costa a “robber,” referring to the fact that “the president of the dragons” on the day he retires or is forced to retire will provide a great service to Portuguese football. “

In an interview with SIC Notícias, Pinto da Costa also wishes Tondela “good luck” for the championship.

FC Porto in the Portuguese Cup final

FC Porto is in the final of the Portuguese Cup for the 32nd time after defeating Sporting 1-0 this Thursday at Estádio do Dragão.

In the final, which will be played on May 22 at the Estádio do Jamor, FC Porto will face Tondela in the second semi-final, who dropped Mafrann II from the league on Wednesday.

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