The fado singer Filipa Menina, known for her participation in The Voice Portugal, has died

Fado singer Filipa Menina, a former contender for “The Voice Portugal,” is dead

The 33-year-old artist struggled with paramyloidosis, a rare, hereditary disease that primarily affects the nervous system.

Fado singer Filipa Menina died on Thursday, April 21st. Núcleo de Esposende announced the news on his Facebook page in a text that was also a tribute to the Portuguese artist.

“The Center for Esposende da Paramyloidosis thus signals the death of this young woman, a beloved member of the family, Filipa Menina, who is always ready to help others and our cause,” reads a memo published on that social media. In addition to conquering the country’s participation in “The Voice Portugal”, Filipa Menina was “a mother’s friend, an artist, an Apuliense, a daughter, a fighter and unique in nature”

Filipa Menina became known after playing in Zeca Afonso’s “Menina do Bairro Negron” RTP talent program. Although the artist did not turn over any of the chairs, he left a strong imprint.

The 33-year-old singer fought against paramyloidosis, a rare inherited disease that affects the peripheral nervous system and can lead to irreversible damage.

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