The Google app has an error that shuts down the cell phone battery earlier than expected, the website says


The discovery was made thanks to Android 12

Image: Play Store - Messages.
Image: Play Store – Messages.

“Messaging” is a Google application that allows the user to send text messages, voice messages, text messages, and more. The app has an error that causes the Android phone’s battery to “drain” much faster than expected, meaning battery consumption increases exponentially when using the app.

According to 9to5Google, a bug found in the app will cause the app to block access to the camera, even if the app closes the sensor viewer. When this component is constantly shooting and sending data to the application, the phone warms up and the battery consumes quickly.

In some cases, “Messages” used the camera even though it was used in the background. The problem was identified thanks to Android 12, which alerts you whenever the app uses any phone sensor (camera or sound).

While Google won’t fix the bug, it’s ideal for the user to revoke the app’s access to the phone’s camera. To upload an image, it is recommended that you shoot outside of the program and share the image gallery directly.

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