The United States is threatening China with sanctions to support Russia. Oil and stocks fall – Markets in an instant

The Stoxx 600 has the largest weekly loss since early March

The Red Sea invaded Europe at the start of this Friday’s session, due to the poor performance of some companies during this “earnings season” and the statements of Jerome Powell, president of the US Federal Reserve. opportunity to raise interest rates by 50 basis points as early as May.

The Stoxx 600 continues its decline of 1.02% to 456.87 points, towards the largest weekly loss since early March. Of the 20 industries in the index, retail and technology are loss-making.

Among the key market movements, Kering’s shares are down 5.03% as Gucci’s sales fell below expectations in the first quarter due to restrictions plaguing China, one of the brand’s largest consumers. The German software company SAP also decreased by 0.51%, when the result for the first three months of the year was lower than expected.

Nevertheless, the European earnings season has been reassuring, with earnings per share above average in both Europe and the United States, according to Emcuel Cau, a Barclays analyst quoted by Bloomberg.

In other European markets, the Spanish IBEX fell 0.47%, the German DAX 1.35% and the French CAC-40 1.01%. London fell 0.49%, followed by Amsterdam (-0.86%) and Milan (-1.27%). Here, PSI follows the trend by devaluing 0.74%.

Venture capital investments are under pressure after Jerome Powell granted a potential rate hike of 50 basis points back in May.

European investors are also preparing for the second round of the French presidential election between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen. According to Bank of America and EPFR data cited by Bloomberg, the country’s equity funds posted a loss of $ 2.9 billion for the 10th consecutive week.

Investor sentiment continues to be dampened by UK retail sales, which fell more than expected in March, while consumer confidence plummeted, as has not been the case since 2008.

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