WhatsApp starts allowing voice calls to up to 32 participants

WhatsApp started this week, allowing group calls with up to 32 participants at a time. When members are active, they appear in a grid, while lines are indicated by sound waves (similar to sound). The update has arrived for iOS, but it is reported that the feature is also available for Android.

In the past, WhatsApp calls could accommodate up to eight people at a time – a fairly low limit given that groups can have up to 256 members. Expanding the discussions is therefore important for the communicator and the controversy is accelerating on more diverse and stronger platforms such as Telegram.

In iOS, the update with the extended voice call restriction is 22.8.80, while in Android a new interface was found in version You don’t have to do anything to make a voice call with 32 people, just call the group and wait for people to join.

WhatsApp voice calls can be hosted by up to 32 people (Image: Reproduction / WhatsApp)

Even on these calls, WhatsApp maintains end-to-end encryption to protect the interaction from hijackers. This feature ensures that only the participants of that call can check its contents.

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Other features, including emoji responses and support for sending documents up to 2GB, will apparently remain available for later use. However, unlike Communities, these tools can only be released before the 2022 election because they are not significant platform changes.

If the extended voice call feature isn’t yet available in your app, you might want to check the App Store and Play Store for pending updates – and if there’s nothing to download, wait.

Source: WABetaInfo

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