Who are the losers and beneficiaries of European stock exchanges? – Executive Digest

Almost two months after the start of the war in Ukraine that began on February 24, there are analysts and investors who have already begun to reduce geopolitical conflict in forecasts for the future of the market.

According to ElEconomista, companies related to the health sector, basic resources and energy have managed to get more positive movements in the stock exchanges since the beginning of the attacks. Unlike these, companies related to the retail or automotive industries suffer the most.

An example of the publication is the pharmaceutical company Bayer, which, thanks to its defense, has already risen 17% since the beginning of the conflict. The Spanish electricity company Iberdrola, on the other hand, has already grown by 10%, despite regulatory problems faced by companies in the sector.

On the other hand, banks ING and Intesa Sanpaolo, along with automakers Volkswagen and BMW and textile fashion company Inditex, were the most recently penalized.

However, the functions are not the only ones affected, the Spanish website explains. Given that many European corporations are in any way exposed to countries at war or near them, earnings and earnings forecasts have also fallen by more than half, according to ‘FactSet’.

‘elEconomista’ is exemplified by Lufthansa and Wizz Air, whose net profits are expected to fall in 2022 compared to pre-war forecasts, due not only to a decline in air traffic and a sharp rise in oil. .

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