“With shit in the arena, they’re putting guys on the street.”

Yesterday, Bruna Gomes was tasked with giving her a big brother at Famosos’ house ballet what happened in the garden. However, the cold in Malveira made Bernardo Sousa angry.

With arena shit, they put a gang on the street. they too think“, shot the pilot alerted by Fernando Semedo:”Watch the language, don’t be crazy now“.

It’s not madness, it’s honesty. Sorry, it’s raining, there’s bad weather, there’s an arena pu * a and what are you going out on the street for? All you have to do is explain it to me and I will accept the arguments they want.“claimed Bernardo Sousa, who demanded an order from Big Brother to put a microphone:”Also keep common sense, that’s true“.

On a whim, Bernardo Sousa ended up “removing” his anger at Bruna Gomes: “What is that hair too?“.

Watch the video here.

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