BALL – Arsenal beat United (Ronaldo scored on return) and jump to Champions League (England)

Arsenal received and beat Manchester United 3-1 in the 34th round of the game with five Portuguese on the field – including Ronaldo returning to the race with a goal. The Londoners are confirming their 4th place in the Champions League (one game less, Tottenham have been eliminated), while United sees their millionaire’s league further away after their second consecutive loss. This was a decisive game in place of the Champions League, as the teams differed by three points.

Cedric Soares and Nuno Tavares started at Arsenal, Dalot, Bruno Fernandes and Ronaldo played at United.

After a three-minute game at Emirates, Nuno Tavares took Arsenal’s lead, taking advantage of De Gean’s attack in Saka’s shot. Barely left the defense at United as the ball passed through Varanen and Lindelof.

The crowd roared its approval when Nketiah somehow managed to block what seemed to be a sure goal by Sakan’s Alex Telles 32 minutes into the game. Two minutes later, Ronaldo narrowed down in anticipation of Arsenal’s central defenders. Given the moment he goes through with the loss of the baby, the party was subtle, even though the goal deserved: it was his 100th in the Premier League.

In the second half, Bruno Fernandes missed a penalty after 57 minutes, seemingly unable to stay focused for the shot. United did not give up, and three minutes later Ronaldo celebrated second from the moment, but he was ruled out of offside by an inch. Xhaka’s goal to make the score 0 – 1 came via a questionable penalty, but De Gean struck it home without a second thought.

Arsenal are thus fourth with 50 points (three more than still playing Tottenham), United are 6.54 points, but West Ham is 2 points behind and could drop.

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