BALL – “Pepe has an impact on Van Dijk in Liverpool or Rúben Dias in the City” (FC Porto)

There is nothing stopping Pepe. Threatened with a ban on play due to Sporting’s classic events in the League, FC Porto’s defense boss passed the penalty with a precaution that confirmed it in a duel with the lions in the Portuguese Cup.

Unsurprisingly, he fueled an internal uprising he felt over allegations of aggression against Hugo Viana, which he considers unfounded to give the final blow to Sporting’s efforts to win the championship.

The pass that freed Toni Martínez to the finish line was another stylish remark to which he added so many others while marking Paulinho (zero shots) and Sarabia. A real center, immune to the passage of time and external factors, dominated by hunger for titles. Where is Pepe at the age of 39 in the European central defense hierarchy?

– I compare his influence to Van Dijk’s influence in Liverpool or Rúben Dias in the City. He is at this level, although Pepe is unique in that at the age of 39 he is nine years younger than Van Dijk and 14 years younger than Rúben Dias, with whom he fits well in Seleção.

The speaker will be Pedro Emanuel, FC Porto’s six-time champion, winner of the Champions League and Europa League among many other internal awards. And the Intercontinental Cup, of course, the most iconic moment for the former defender. Those who saw it will not forget that pervasive look at transforming the decisive penalty kick against Once Caldas – a blue victory in the penalty shootout 8-7, December 12, 2004 in Yokohama – an image that cared for generations and survived the differences caused by erosion. time.

He remembers that when Pepe returned to FC Porto, there were those waiting for him to retire. – People questioned his condition because he came from Turkey, but when I knew his race animal, I knew Pepe would take part in the games with everything. Physiologically, she has qualities that maintain longevity, she is an exemplary professional who takes very good care of herself and that’s why she returned to FC Porto to play and win, ”Pedro Emanuel praises the ex-husband’s smart way.

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