Dengue vaccine: know who can be vaccinated

Paraná got into a situation dengue epidemic on Tuesday (19. Since August last year, when the current epidemiological cycle began, the state has 80 thousand notifications of the disease in 365 cities.

A bulletin from the Ministry of Health (Sesa) says the number of cases confirmed during the week rose 16 560 – 23 161. Five dead were recorded.

To protect against dengue fever, basic treatments such as covering windows, avoiding the build-up of stagnant water and also using a repellent are recommended. In addition, there is a vaccine for the disease, but it can only be used in special situations.

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First of all, it is Must be 9-45 years old. It is also essential that the person receiving the vaccine have already contracted the diseasewhich must be confirmed by serological testing.

The dengue vaccine is given in three dosesevery six months, as explained by Maria Isabel de Moraes Pinto, an infectious disease specialist.

“The person is protected for 30 days after the last dose”,

said an infectious disease expert.

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