Goiânia City Hall intensifies cleaning of fountains and water mirrors this weekend to prevent the outbreak of dengue mosquitoes

Goiânia City Hall, through its urbanization company in Goiânia (Comurg), will strengthen its fountain and water mirror cleaning services this weekend to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquitoes that cause dengue fever, yellow fever, zika and Zika disease. Chikungunya.

The work is done by emptying the water mirrors to clean the tiles. The entire process uses chlorine and aluminum sulfate to better clean the areas.

To prevent the spread of the disease, the city of Goiânia recommends that the population remain vigilant in removing potential mosquito breeding sites.

“Goiânia City Hall has played its part day in and day out in the fight against the mosquito that spreads dengue fever, but everyone still has a part to play. We rely on the help of the population,” says Mayor Rogério Cruz.

Check the water sources that are confirmed for cleaning

  • Town hall
  • Goiás Avenue
  • Avenida T-63, Bela Vista Sector
  • Boa Ventura Square, Vila Nova
  • Tamandaré Square
  • Avenida T-23, Setor Bueno
  • Avenida T-25, Setor Bueno
  • Conscious Square, Western Sector
  • Cruzeiro Square, southern sector
  • Casa de Vidro Cultural Center, Jd. Goiás
  • Triangle Square, Jd. Goiás
  • Ipe Square, Sector of Buenon

Aedes aegypti
Aedes aegypti is the scientific name given to a mosquito that spreads dengue fever, yellow fever, zikavirus and chikungunya. It has black and white stripes that sets it apart from other mosquitoes.

– Do not allow water to accumulate on tiles, gutters, dry leaves, vases or vases
– Collect plastic bags and other containers from the yard
-Put sand on the glass shards of the walls
– Always clean the air conditioner
– Keep drains and water pipes covered
– Maintain the pools and cover them whenever possible
– Pack the tires in the right places.
– Placing rubbish in plastic bags and sealed rubbish bins
– Keep water basins, boxes and barrels covered, among other preventive measures

You can request Comurg’s services simply by using the City Hall’s 24-hour app, WhatsApp (62) 98596-8555 and the telephone service at (62) 3524-8555.

Goiânia Urbanization Company – Goiânia City Hall

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