Google is taking steps to make Pixel Watch official and prove that a smart watch exists

The possibility of Google bringing the watch to market has been talked about for several years. This is certainly all the features that the research giant thinks are necessary, and it takes full advantage of current technology.

It will take a while for this new smartwatch to materialize, but now Google seems to have taken another important step. A new step was taken and it proved to be one of the expected confirmations and it confirms that the Pixel Watch will be a reality.

Wear OS gets one more smart watch

With the Wear OS, Google already has a strong presence in the smart watch market through all of its partners. This is the system that works with most smart watches and is considered to be the industry standard.

Of course, the research giant is expected to make a proposal in this area that has been presented as an opportunity for years. Rumors and evidence pointed to his arrival several years ago, something that never happened.

The Pixel Watch brand is finally registered

Now Google has taken another important step towards its market entry. Google has registered the Pixel Watch brand in the United States and, as expected, combined it with "wearable devices," especially in the field of smart watches, cases, and bracelets.

By making this registration, and especially under the name Pixel Watch, Google is taking a clear step to prepare for its presentation. All indications are that that moment will come very soon, although it is not certain when that moment will come.

Google is now preparing a presentation

Everything suggests that Pixel Watch is coming out as one of Google’s highlights this year. We are talking about an I / O conference to be held on 11 and 12 May this year. It’s probably just a general presentation whose release will be saved for later use with Pixel 7.

We are still far from aware of the unique features of the Pixel Watch. Google is sure to make this smart watch a demonstration of what Wear OS can offer, while using all of Fitbit’s technology.

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