Handball: Sporting and Benfica scored 32 goals in the derby

Sporting and Benfica scored 32 goals this Saturday afternoon in Pavilhão João Rocha’s 24th round of the main hand.

In the fiery derby, balance prevailed, reflected in the sign. Sporting took a break to win 16-15 and Benfica managed a tangentially favorable 16-17 in the second half of the match.

FC Porto also won this afternoon against FC Gaia in the round (31-45), which was also won by Belenenses, Madeira SAD, ABC / UMinho, AD Sanjoanense and V. Setúbal.

ADA Maia / UMaia-Sp. The vegetable garden is still in progress.

With this result, Sporting will remain an isolated leader, but on condition that FC Porto will be closer and now have the opportunity to take an isolated lead in the calendar review.

Belenenses-Póvoa Handball, 27-26
Avanca-Madeira SAD, 22-30
ABC / UMinho-Águas Santas, 23-22
Boa Hora-AD Sanjoanense, 25-26
Sporting-Benfica, 32-32
V. Setúbal-Xico Handball, 28-24
FC Gaia-FC Porto, 31-45
ADA Maia / UMaia-Sp. Vegetable garden (7 pm, running)

1 .: Sporting, 69 points
2nd: FC Porto, 67 (minus one game)
3rd: Benfica, 64 (minus one game)
4th Belenenses, 53 (minus one game)
5 .: Águas Santas, 52
6: V. Setúbal, 51
7 .: FC Gaia, 49
8: ABC / UMinho, 46
9th: ADA Maia / UMaia, 45 (minus one game)
10th: Póvoa Handball, 44 (minus one game)
11th: Madeira SAD, 43 (minus one game)
12 .: Avanca, 41
13: AD Sanjoanense, 39
14 .: Sp. Horta, 32 (minus two games)
15: Xico Handball, 30
16: Good Hour, 27

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