Pentagon surprised at speed with Starlink stopping Russian cyber attack – Observer

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Starlink successfully stopped Russia’s cyber attack attempt to block the platform’s Internet signal in Ukraine, the Pentagon revealed.

The most surprising, as this Wednesday revealed to insider Dave Tremper of the U.S. Department of Defense, was the speed with which a cyber attack was prevented. A Pentagon official said the U.S. military would not have been able to stop the attack as quickly as the Starlink team..

The day after this cyber attack, Starlink was already “released a line of code and prevented the problem because the threat had ceased to be effective“said Dave Tremper. The director of the digital warfare office praised Starlink’s retaliation:”The way they did it surprised me.. ”

It’s a very interesting case study that follows Starlink’s agility in solving the problem. The way Starlink was able to update itself when a threat arose, we must also be able to bring agility. “

Brigadier General Tad Clark of the U.S. Air Force also explained at the conference that the country was forced to design a new system against electromagnetic warfare be “more tolerant and faster” to respond to future threats “faster, more deadly and more resiliently”.


On March 24, Elon Musk, the owner of an Internet business through SpaceX, had stated that by now, Starlink had “resisted all attempts at attack and harassment.”

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