Pinto da Costa: “I wish Rui Costa would succeed” – FC Porto

The President of FC Porto focused on good relations with the Director of Benfica and wished him success, but without winning FC Porto

At the end of a dinner in Gondomar, marking the 40th anniversary of the presidency, Pinto da Costa spoke to the media about Luís Filipe Vieira’s departure from Benfica and Rui Costa’s presidency as eagles. “It doesn’t apply to me. Although I have a good relationship with Rui Costa, I’ve known him for decades and even at the most aggressive stage with Benfica, we always greet each other. But that’s something that doesn’t concern me, Benfica fans chose Rui Costa. Personally, I really want that Rui Costa would succeed, not to win FC Porto, but to succeed because he is a football man and a symbol of Benfica, ”Pinto da Costa said.

Author: Rui Sousa


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