Pinto da Costa: «Wenger and Lucescu sign agreement with FC Porto» – FC Porto

The leader of the Dragons assumes they just didn’t come because of the demands of those clubs

In an interview with Dragões, Pinto da Costa revealed that he hired all the coaches he wanted for FC Porto except Arsène Wenger from France and Mircea Lucescu from Romania. The President of the Dragons explained that both failed due to demands from the clubs they were in. “I managed to hire all but two of the coaches I wanted. One of them was Arsène Wenger, who was in Monaco at the time and I thought he would become a great coach. Through Luciano D’Onofrio, he came to Porto, me. FC Porto, we even signed the terms because he was convinced that Monaco would release him and that he could come, even though he had a contract for another year, said, and we managed to make the deal on the assumption Monaco did not authorize and they did not want to negotiate. became Arsenal, and he was no longer worth forcing here, “he began by exposing Pinto da Costa. then turn the page to Lucescu. “The other one, Mircea Lucescu, was also here in Porto and this whole story was very funny because she lived in the house of the late and beloved sister of Reinaldo Teles, where she was hidden from the media for two days. Reinaldo’s sister brought her her food because she didn’t go out to see anyone. He was in Dinamo Bucharest and he also said that the club let him out, but Dinamo not only allowed him to leave, they demanded a lot of money.Then came the Italian club (Pisa) which paid what Dynamo wanted and he He’s still talking to me about that episode today, because when he was here, I gave him the shiny FC Porto ID he sometimes uses. was a quality coach and I trusted him, they even signed a contract on the condition that they be released to their clubs, “recalled the director of Porto.

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