SES warns of importance of influenza vaccination for the elderly and healthcare professionals – Notícias

The State Ministry of Health (SES-MT) warns the population of Mato Grosso about the importance of a national flu vaccination campaign. In the first phase of the campaign, priority will be given to people over the age of 60 and healthcare professionals.

It is estimated that at this stage – which began on 11 April – a total of 471,452 people will be vaccinated, including those over 60 and health professionals.

“The state government is investing 65 million rubles through the Imuniza Mais MT program to help local governments achieve vaccination goals. The amount will be distributed among the population in terms of awards and health structure.”

According to the National Vaccination Program Information System (SIPNI), by Saturday (April 23), approximately 37,142 people in this priority group had been vaccinated against influenza, or 7.9% of expectations.

According to Alessandra Cristina de Moraes, head of epidemiological surveillance at SES, the number of people vaccinated is still low compared to the target recommended by the Ministry of Health of vaccinating at least 90% of each campaign target group.

“It is very important at this time that the elderly and healthcare professionals are vigilant and apply for vaccinations against the flu because we are still living in a pandemic and a properly immunized population is a barrier to controlling the flu virus,” warns Alessandra.

The Director also explains that the administration of the influenza vaccine to this target population is at the same time as the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine and / or other vaccines in the national vaccination calendar. “They just need to be given with different needles and syringes and in different places so there are no problems with vaccination,” Alessandra instructs.

This first phase of the campaign ends on April 30th, Day D of the national campaign.

The second phase of the national influenza vaccination campaign will run from 2 May to 3 June and will target children aged six months and five years. teachers; women who have given birth; pregnant women; persons with a co-morbidity and permanent disability; indigenous peoples; security forces, rescue and armed forces; public transport workers and truck drivers; the deprived population and young people in socio-educational activities and prison workers.

safe vaccination

The control is that the munitions make an agile and safe vaccination to reach the target audience. To this end, the SES recommends the articulation and organization of primary health care (PHC) so that, as far as possible, the supply of vaccines and the population’s access to vaccines are extended.

In addition, it is recommended that PHC reserve, as far as possible, a site for the administration of influenza vaccine so as not to prejudice other services of the health unit and the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. It is also important to identify people with diseases such as fever, respiratory tract and / or flu so that vaccination can be delayed until the condition has improved.

The municipality must also carry out external vaccinations in accordance with the characteristics of indigenous peoples and people with reduced mobility.

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