Tesla Model Y collided with a million-dollar private machine

It is common to say that everything related to Tesla is world news. This time there is a video where Tesla Model Y collided with a $ 3.5 million private jet.

According to the information, everything happened after the owner activated the “Smart Summon” feature.

With Tesla Smart Summon, you can transfer the car to the owner

A video released at Reddit last Thursday shows Tesla’s vehicle crashing slowly into a private plane. The machine is reported to be worth $ 3.5 million and the accident occurred after the function was activated. Smart invitation. This property allows the car to be brought to its owner, up to a distance of 60 meters and with a line of sight.

The evidence in the video reveals that the owner didn’t pay much attention to the movements of the vehicle because there seems to be plenty of time to see that the vehicle was heading in the direction of the shower.

In addition, for Smart Summon to work, the owner must hold their finger on the app button. As soon as you lift your finger, the car stops. In this case, it is particularly worrying that the Tesla vehicle continued to travel forward when in contact with the machine.

The person who originally published the video wrote that he saw the accident happen at an event hosted by aircraft manufacturer Cirrus.

Smart Summon is designed for use in parking lots or where the surrounding area is familiar and predictable. The problems with this feature are already well known and accumulate over time, revealing that this "movement" of the vehicle is still not very intelligent and reliable.

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