THE BALL – Debts EUR 47 million and accounts approved by majority (Vitória de Guimarães)

About 400 members of Vitória de Guimarães were present this Friday at an extraordinary general meeting in the pavilion of the Vimaranense unit, the first to be chaired by António Miguel Cardoso. previous season 2020/2021.

The partners therefore became aware of a liability of EUR 46 790 million for the current period and an estimated loss of EUR 11 million for the current period, after earning an inability to reduce their salary by EUR 2 million per month in this last paragraph.

In addition, it was also announced that the investor Mário Ferreira’s share transaction paid EUR 1.3 million on March 3, in addition to paying an additional EUR 350 thousand until 15 May.

The government’s proposal for the Victorian Council elections, led by António Miguel Cardoso, and the minutes of the general meeting of 23 October 2021 were also approved at this long magna meeting, which ended on Saturday morning with some € 10 million revenue forecast until December 2025, plus € 1.4 million from Placard.

It should be recalled that the accounts approved at this major meeting concern the previous line of management, chaired by Miguel Pinto Lisboa, and contained a negative net result of EUR 3.6 million and were rejected in October 2021.

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