The leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, which supported the “special operation” in Ukraine, defended peace today

Patriarch Kiril, leader of the Russian Orthodox Church (IOR), defended peace and overcoming conflicts this Saturday in a bid to celebrate Orthodox Easter, which is celebrated on Sunday.

“Today, with the divisions that divide the world and the contradictions that anger, fear, and hostility have settled in the hearts of many people, it is especially important not to forget the Christian vocation and to show genuine love for one’s neighbor.” in a message quoted by the office.

Kiril called for the preservation of “the unity of Orthodox Christians” and the prayer for the “victory of lasting peace.” “And may the wounds of division be healed by divine grace,” he concluded.

The IOR previously supported Russia’s “special operation” in Ukraine, which experts say was one of the reasons for the suspension of the meeting between Kiril and Pope Francis, which was due to take place next June.

Meanwhile, Francisco said in an interview with La Nación that his relationship with Cyril, whom he only met once in Havana in 2016, is “very good.”

“Our diplomacy understood that meeting the two at the moment could lead to great confusion,” Pope Kiril explained of the cancellation of the meeting.

Asked why he did not travel to Ukraine as a sign of support for that country, Pope Francis said he could not, in the current circumstances, “do anything that would jeopardize higher goals,” such as the possibility of a ceasefire or “at least one humanitarian corridor.” “.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 and has killed more than 2,000 civilians, according to United Nations (UN) figures, which warn that the real number is likely to be much higher.

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