The Ministry of Health confirms the fourth suspected case of human rabies in Minas Gerais

A girl suspected of having rabies is being hospitalized at Joao Paulo Children’s Hospital (photo: Fhemig / Disclosure)

The state health ministry (SES-MG) confirmed this Saturday (April 23) that a fourth suspected case of rabies is being investigated in the state. This is an 11-year-old girl who is in hospital at João Paulo II Children’s Hospital in Belo Horizonte in a stable condition. He lives in the Maxacal Indigenous Protected Area in the municipality of Bertópolis in Vale do Mucur, where two cases of human rabies have been confirmed: a 12-year-old boy who died on 4 April; and a girl of the same age admitted to the João Paulo II Children’s Hospital in Belo Horizonte since 5 April.

Both showed symptoms after being bitten by a vampire bat (which transmits the disease). On April 13, the 12-year-old patient’s clinical condition worsened and he was transferred to an intensive care unit, “where he will remain in hospital and follow human rabies treatment practices,” SES-MG reported.

The third suspected case of viral disease was reported by the State Ministry of Health on April 17: A 5-year-old child (male) who died in an indigenous protection area (the village of Pradinho) in Bertópolis on the same day.

“Although the person did not have clinical signs of rabies or signs of bat biting or scratching, it was decided to examine the death as such due to the geographical proximity of the events and community practices in accordance with hygiene guidelines. in the prevention and control of diseases, “the Ministry of Health said

According to the folder, the samples were collected and sent for laboratory testing, the outcome of which is expected.

The SES-MG reported in a note that a fourth suspected case of human rabies in the indigenous region of Vale do Mucur was reported on Thursday (April 21) in the treatment of an 11-year-old girl with “non-specific symptoms.” “like fever and headache.” He was referred to João Paulo II Children’s Hospital, a reference for infectious diseases in the Unified Health System (SUS).

“Reasoned for his kinship in another confirmed case, he was reported as a suspect and sent to a referral hospital where laboratory samples were taken. The patient remains in the clinical bed, stable and under supervision.

The State Ministry of Health also announced that it will step up preventive measures to prevent the spread of human rabies in rural Bertópolis. To this end, a technical team from the SES-MG central level and the Teófilo Oton Regional Health Unit traveled to the area on Thursday (21 April) to support the epidemiological investigation of the cases and also to assist in prevention measures. and control.

The folder also stressed that it had already supplied vaccines and human rabies serum as well as rabies vaccines for dogs and cats in rural Bertópolis. Upon arrival of the group, it was possible to identify and report a fourth suspected case of the disease in the Maxacal Indigenous area.

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